About Us

We undertake volunteer hosting and project placements, community outreaches, and Student Education Programs. Parallel Integration serves as a springboard by which foreign volunteers offer community services to the less privileged in society. A blend of both local and international staff gives us a better understanding of the volunteer.
We exist to ensure:
Cross - Cultural Value Experience
Knowledge Sharing
Holistic Growth

Our vision is to see a world where opportunity structures are built around the vulnerable in society.

Parallel Integration has since inception been coordinating volunteers from partner organizations. The increasing request for volunteers by Communities, Villages and Partner Institutions that benefit directly from the activities of volunteers necessitated for the creation of more projects to provide answers to emerging problems. HALF A SMILE to people does not worth it; we need to make it complete and sustainable.
So we exist as a social conscious organization that seeks to resist other ugliness of life for the benefit of the helpless in society and for our fulfillment.

Why Us:

Worthwhile Projects: Our projects are developed base on the needs of the communities we operate, and with the volunteer in mind. Each project is carved base on needs assessment, and for sustainability purpose. So we have professional coordinators within each partner organization seeing to each project.
In order to narrow the communication gap between us and the non English-speaking volunteers we as part of one of the ways we help our volunteers is to offer two weeks English lessons for free for interested volunteers. Any other extra week will attract a fee of 20 dollars for three lessons a week, and 30 dollars for 4 lessons a week.

Flexibility: We allow volunteers to choose from the variety of our projects, and a convenient duration base on the time they have then we design a comprehensive plan for them.

Bigger Family: Since inception, we have been working with different partner organizations and NGOs across the country and within Winneba. This gives volunteers the opportunity to be part of what others do when it comes to community outreaches/services.

Community Outreaches/Services for all Projects: Irrespective of your project of choice, our community outreaches are mandatory (except for special reasons) tailored towards addressing a specific need that falls within your chosen project. Example, we would not ask you to do medical outreach when you are on Journalism project.

Trusted and Experienced Host Families: Meet your lovely and experience host family. They have over the years been hosting our volunteers just as like our placement partners. So they are used to volunteers and understand their goings and comings.

Our Promise: We challenge ourselves to becoming a MODEL volunteering organization in the future. Hence, we deliver on our PROMISE. Please take a tour for details on each project.