We deem Cross – Cultural Value experience, Knowledge Sharing and Holistic Growth as great ideals.
If YOU do same, and really want to make impact whilst experiencing these three values we have prepared for you for personal fulfillment then have no qualms: Enjoy a package! By undertaking these two projects with us.
1. Education and Learning in Ghana with community activities, ALONGSIDE
2. Medical Internship with Community Medical Outreaches.

For students, we normally propose a minimum of Two Weeks and Four Weeks maximum. This is to ensure that students fall within their given vacation or holiday period.

This area deals with a thorough look at Ghana’s educational landscape with our PARTNER UNIVERSITY here in Ghana.
Even though we already have propose areas to deal with, we allow the space for you to tell us what you might want to do or learn then we plan it together.
Students are also given the opportunity to teach in our partner schools if they wish.
Aside this whole learning experience, we also carry out volunteering services as a way of giving back to societies to make your journey worthwhile.

This is to place medical and non – medical students in our partner hospital (s) -Trauma and Specialist Hospital. (Particularly for students). However, if students prefer rural clinics or a combination of both we have options available as stated in the next paragraph.

The project duration is flexible apart from the proposed duration.
1. General health service field placement
2. Outreach program
General Health Service field placement
This phase of the project involves placement of volunteers at various hospitals and clinics. Most of the placement will be tailored to the individual needs of the volunteer or student and would mostly involve facilities in both rural and urban settings to enable prospective volunteers to have a feel of how general health services are rendered in a community based set ups and will allow for advance learning in community medicine in the tropics and to be precise Ghana. During this period volunteers will assist and be part of the units team and will take part of all activities carried out at the unit including; home visits, case search, attending to cases, health education and talks etc.

This follows the period of field placement and involves two items
• Medical outreach services
• Weekend trips to interesting and educating tourist sites in Ghana

This will involve series of public health trips (including all volunteers across all the placement sites) to prayer camps, schools, the deaf community, orphanages, traditional healing sites, ‘witch’ camps as tagged; that deal with mentally ill, socially deprived and socially ostracized people and provision of medical and mental health services and counseling for them, support for them in terms of food, water, shelter and advocating and lobbying for their rights to be respected as humans.
Students / volunteers, accompanied by a medical officer or professional will carry out medical screening during our public health adventure, as well as dressing wounds of children, taking vitals for adults, checking malaria, blood sugar level, health education and some specific request by institutions.

Our doors are opened anytime you want to conduct research or undertake familiarization tour to ascertain things on the ground for yourself before any intended arrangement, then we can come out with a comprehensive plan.

Looking forward for great times together.

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