Our Team

Individual veteran volunteers with social conscience who have made tremendous impact in Winneba and some parts of the country can be contacted for their experiences. We have not captured most of them but still expanding the representative base. They are willing and ready to offer you advise and will meet you online or have a face time with you to share their respective stories. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with them.


I knew as soon as I finished school I wanted to go into political journalism. I loved reading, writing and speaking in public, so journalism seemed like the natural path to go down. The next step was choosing a country to go to. I knew I wanted to go to Africa, because I’ve always been interested in African history and politics, and it’s such an exciting and culturally rich continent!

Christian Tabler

My name is Christian and I am from Germany.
In 2012 I spent 4 months in Kwamoso, a rural village in the Akwapim Hills (Eastern Region). Being involved in a teaching project in Akropong, later in Mampong, and living with a local family, I learnt a lot about Ghanaian culture, food, life, customs, traditions, people and I was also taught the native language of the region, Twi.

Julia Rieb

My name is Julia and I´m from Germany.
In year 2014 I spent 10 weeks in Ghana, Winneba as a volunteer and lived in a lovely host family.
I worked in an orphanage called St. Anna´s Children´s Home & Academy in Ghana.
During my time in Ghana I had the possibility to travel around and see other places and beautiful landscapes all over the country.
All in all it was a great and exciting experience for me and I´m happy about my decision to go to Ghana for volunteer work.