What my money is used for:

The life-wire of Parallel integration is the volunteer and his/her contribution for every project to be undertaken. In that, the organization is entirely independent and does not receive funding from any source. The individual volunteer is therefore the proud sponsor of our programmes and projects. Hence, the liberty to set up worthwhile projects that meet volunteer expectation. We are therefore charged with the responsibility of ensuring quality service delivery for sustainability, and this comes at a cost.
We thus deem it necessary to give you a fair idea of how your money is being put to use with some degree of explanation.

As earlier stated, your fees consist of all your meals through out the duration you are with us, accommodation, airport transfers and other unexpected cost.

Projects Execution: Our primary task is to carve out projects worth undertaken for volunteers, and to ensure their sustainability. This requires inputs/materials, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Your fee also takes care of, awareness creation, some specific projects coverage by the media. Engaging prospective volunteers in thorough explanations about our products.

Administrative/Operating Cost

Getting all our programmes running involves strong administrative machinery. Arrangements of placements and project type, accommodation arrangements, etc by different people for individual volunteers. All of these require administrative organization before things get into their rightful places.

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