Early Childhood and Special Needs Development

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Our Early Childhood and Special needs Development is a two -in -one project to keep volunteers busy and enable them make meaningful contribution. Volunteers are either placed in Youth at Risk Family Centers or daycare centers with a special targeted assignment for the special need child. This assignment is arranged at different time frames just to give volunteers some briefing space. Depending on the taste of the volunteer with respects to the age group of the kids, we have daycare centres with ages ranging from 0-12 months (cretch), 1 – 2years (nursery), 2 – 4years (KG). One chooses to be in the Cretch, Nursery or KG or rotate through these faculties if that will no mean too much for the volunteer. Aside this, our care volunteers who have the interest or skills can help the Deaf Community, other 'Child -At - Risk' centers, and children with Autism. In our placements we expect that volunteers make the maximum impact as possible. Your tasks may vary depending on whether you will want to do the two in one or just concentrate on one. However, whichever one you choose, there will still be a plan aside your major choice to give special attention to the kids who need them so we can monitor their development.
Please note that details about your placement will be forwarded to you.

Help mothers or care takers to:
- Feed the kids
-Change uniforms of children; dressing and undressing them
- Dress their beds if working in an orphanage and help bath some of them.
-Teach basic maths, english, art and craft science, shapes, etc.
-Employing means of stoping them from crying and carrying them.
- Take them to the hospital and assist them to administer their drugs
Sunflower school located at North Kaneshie in Accra, its a school that is practicing inclusive education, they employed only one special education teacher which happens to be Nana Adjoa Orsadu. The school has children with special needs in almost all the classrooms; they have cases like autism, children with speech problems, hyperactive children, children with intellectual problems, children with emotional and behavioral problems, children with learning disabilities and more. Volunteers with specialty in these areas and special education teachers can assist the children in the school. Since the school has started the inclusive education system, the school does not have tools and materials in teaching such children, it does not also have facilities for the children’s sensory needs. Courtesy: Nana Adjoa Orsadu