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It is a fact that shelter is one of the basic necessities of life. It is also the truth that many Ghanaian families here in the rural settings don’t have decent roofs over their heads, even those that have are often at the mercy of the climatic changes due to their poor states. In most cases a single room accommodates a whole household with its accompanying repercussions.
The Habitat project is thus an intensive program tied with series of activities for any stated duration. Here, volunteers work in an ongoing project; such as renovating a home or school, putting up a basic room/s for the needy families in the rural areas, and giving shapes to dilapidated school structures and painting.
Due to the demanding nature of the building work, activities take off early after breakfast and end at mid day before lunch. This enable volunteers to have enough rest to continue the next day. Building work in many parts of Africa and for that matter Ghana is much different from that of the Western World. It is therefore an opportunity to learn how we make the best of our natural resources, and mould bricks without the use of sophisticated machines. Join us for real impact!