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Our partner medical placements range from bigger hospitals to clinics, herbal clinics and individual traditional healers with varying degrees of workload or activities. Some of our hospitals accept volunteers who do not have any medical background but want to acquire skills and experience to venture into the medical profession as well as medical professionals who will want to learn and share their experience and knowledge. Other hospitals accept both students coming for internships and qualified medical professionals through our organization. Our community medical outreaches are for all medical volunteers.
Please note that details of your hospital will be sent to you upon application.

The project duration is flexible
1. General health service field placement
2. Outreach program
General Health Service field placement
This phase of the project involves placement of volunteers at various hospitals and clinics in different parts of Ghana within the four regions we operate for weeks, depending on the length of stay. Most of the placement will be tailored to the individual needs of the volunteer and would mostly involve facilities in both urban and rural settings to enable prospective volunteers to have a feel of how general health services are rendered in different community based set ups and will allow for advance learning in community medicine in the tropics and to be precise Ghana. During this period volunteers will assist and be part of the units team and will take part of all activities carried out at the unit including; home visits, case search, attending to cases, health education and talks etc.

This follows the period of field placement and involves

This will involve community and rural outreaches.
Students / volunteers, accompanied by a medical officer or professional will carry out medical screening during our public health adventure, as well as dressing wounds of school children, taking vitals for adults, checking malaria, blood sugar level, health education and some specific request by institutions.