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The journalism project consists of a university campus radio station and a community radio. A former volunteer from UK (Mr. Jamie Benson) laid a solid foundation for the journalism project here in Winneba, at the Ghana’s University of Education Winneba. The station is ran by the incredibly friendly students and staff of the university, many of which will stay as life-long friends! The project itself is extremely flexible, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in any aspect of community radio you may be interested in. You can work on news, editing, sports, politics, feature production, music, and anything else you may want to take part in! If you have any questions about the journalism project, don’t hesitate to contact Jamie Benson at

TASKS: (but not limited to them)
-Gather stories
-Conducting interviews
-Picking news stories from online sources
- Taking part in news paper review
-News reading, reporting and many more.