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We have been privileged to be in partnership with the National Sports College (NSP). The college runs all sporting activities for sports development and coaching. Currently we work with the football and tennis team department, as that is where we had volunteers placed before. Volunteers can assist in coaching if they have the requisite qualification or actively partake in all activities for a life changing experience.

The National Sports College is a public institution charged with the responsibility of using sports as a tool for education.
The college is departmentalized into three key areas – The Academy, A Football Club and a Tennis unit. All the children are hosted within the college but take their formal education outside.

Average Age Group Of The Academy: The average age group of children within the academy ranges from 11 to 16 years.
Average Number: 45
When the kids attain 16 years, they are then enrolled into the Windy Professional Fc

Windy Professional FC:
Average Age Group: From 16 years
Average Number: 33

You would assist the Coaches of Windy Professional FC in all their morning and evening activities or trainings both on the field and in the classroom. A typical day activities or work schedule to be submitted on expression of interest for this project.