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Volunteers can choose a class of their choice ranging from class one to Junior High School. , Volunteers handle basic mathematics, English language and science. Other subjects are also available if interest is developed for them over time. Similarly, in some of the upper levels, some students do have learning challenges and may need special care. So teaching volunteers can as well help in this area. A documentary on “Why my Child can not learn” revealed that most of these children have learning disabilities and need special education.

Assist teachers to apply both Formal and Informal methods in teaching any of the following subjects, plus a combination of some activities outside classrooms:
- Mathematics
- Science
- English
- Art and Craft
- Home Work supervision
- One on-one reading and teaching children with special problems
-PLUS, sign language teaching for our death community if you are a professional
We will forward you all details about your school and the additional task related to the a specific school