Integrating LEARNING, VOLUNTEERING and CULTURE. Areas – education, health, journalism, research. Get connected!

Integrating: Volunteering+ Learning+ Tourism

Take the challenge, we serve as a Safe Pair of Hands. Experience a result oriented Education and Volunteering trips whiles discovering.
We value and understand the decision you have made, and accept you as one of us. We are here to help.


Parallel integration Ghana was one of my best partners as a director of an NGO in Winneba, Ghana. Mr. Augustine Bow who leads the organization in Ghana is a very creative, talented and intelligent director. He knows and understands the community’s needs and is devoted to improving their wellbeing.I could always consult him knowing that […]

Gonny Hyams-Kwashie

I have worked alongside and as partner with Parallel Integration for almost two years between the years 2017-2019 as Project Director of an International Development NGO .The work with Parallel Integration was professional, productive and not taken for granted. Augustin the CEO, who I consider a serious change maker in the community is a role […]

Rachael Shaya
The Health Militia program is the Bridge for Rural Health Care

We find the problem, accept the responsibility, confront the issues, and venture where someone else dread to go.

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