We charge AFFORDABLE fees in USD to cover the following:

  • Registration
  • Accommodation
  • All your food (3x a day) throughout your stay
  • Medical Outreaches or Public Health Materials, and other project materials / equipment
  • Airport transfers
  • Giving back to community day
  • Evenings out and about
  • Preparations and arrangements prior to arrival
  • Staff support for daily monitoring and emergencies.
  • Certificate of Project Participation

Please Note: Fees do not include the following:

          Insurance, Flight-Ticket.  

WEEKS123456789101112EXTRA WEEK
AT-RISK CHILDREN380710870110012001330143516501870197020002380150
HEALTH MILITIA4008601000120013501480157017501800200025002550
JOURNALISM PLUS380710870110012001330143516501870197020002380
HABITAT FOR ALL45012001380150016601750190021002150220025002700
SPORTS FOR EDU. & DEV’T.380710870110012001330143516501870197020002380
SUMMER EXTRA52010001484167018001850200021002150220023002400
Right: MARY ESSI BENTUM ANAN– One of our Lovely and Experienced Host Families.