Habitat Against Covid19

We have Constructed and Renovated structures over the years with volunteers on site. TODAY, WE SEEK YOUR SUPPORT because there are no volunteers on site due to Covid-19.

Yet, we need to attend to this URGENT SITUATION for School Children in this Coastal Community – Winneba – before the beginning of FEBRUARY. To raise a BUDGET of $4,600 for 7 worst hit schools. Please buy an item!

In Ghana, Schools are expected to fully re-open in January 2021.

Covid19 protocols have come to stay, because the fight to eliminate the virus also remains.

Social Distancing in schools is a MUST, and a battle for some schools that are relatively disadvantaged especially those in deprived communities with huge enrolment of children because of their affordable fee systems, and the impact Covid19.

Parents love these schools because they are cheaper. This is why we are concerned and our readiness to protect these school children.

We have identified the problem and accepted the responsibility, but not without you.

Our role is to create structural adjustment for seven (7) schools within the municipality to enable the creation of more spaces / classrooms to facilitate social distancing as we act on:

Putting shape to unfinished classrooms, Provide additional furniture, Roofing left-opened classrooms, Putting up additional classrooms / spaces through corporate effort. It’s possible together, and we will all see the outcome.

Project activities include:

  1. Renovations
  2. Furniture Provisions
  3. Roofing Uncompleted classrooms
  4. Constructions, with Community Self-help Initiatives

Every Dollar is appreciated to be able to raise the Budgeted amount of $4,600 for the 7 Schools. Nail your name!. We are in this together!