Community Services

We Research, Mediate and Intervene.  

Picture: Rural Medical Outreach

Public Health and Advocacy

This involves series of medical outreaches and public health in villages, communities, schools, etc. Our comprehensive strategic plan seeks to Protect, Promote and Maintain the health of our communities especially in the villages.

Laboratory Services:

 Due to long distant travel, most rural folks do not visit the hospitals for regular examination or check up, and only do so when situations get worst and most at times leads to death. This defeats our efforts in achieving the MDGs. Our Mobile- Outreach- Laboratory system thus helps render free services to the Rural Folks through health screening exercise during public health activities.

National Health Insurance Services:

We reach out to the uninsured by assisting them to get enrolled on the National Health Insurance Scheme. This way they would be able to access healthcare at any nearby health facility with their insurance card. Everyone deserves it.

Community Ambulance Services (CAS)

The cost of one soul is valueless, and Health Militia takes nothing for granted. As part of a life saving intervention, we strive to respond to emergency cases where we can to avoid lost of lives.

Knowledge Sharing

We investigate, create relationships and network to ascertain why some hospitals perform better (in the area of latest treatment advances, methodology etc.) than others in certain sensitive areas with the same available structures and human resource for purposes of skills and knowledge cross – fertilization.

Donation / Sponsor:

We lobby for and provide medical supplies or equipments to available CHIPP Compounds or rural health centers to facilitate health delivery.


Intern in our partner hospitals and clinics to learn and have a feel of how general health services are rendered in the tropics, and at different community set-ups.

Picture: Public Health / Health Education