Our ICT project is meant to bring technology to the doorstep of the Ghanaian child by catching them young. In a world described as a “Global Village”, most institutions or offices still operate with papers for jobs that require simple ICT management or programming. However, Ghana is gradually becoming a Technology Driven Economy offering millions of employment opportunities in diverse areas – Broadcasting, Finance, and Telecommunications etc. The objective of this project is to create Self Employment opportunities to the youth after their Junior High School Education especially for those with the Least Opportunity Structure, or who could not continue their education for varied reasons. Hence an Action Driven ICT projects to train and nourish the youth to make them capable of standing on their own for life.
This Project thrives mainly on partnerships with ‘ICT GIANTS’ as tag, where we (Parallel Integration) serve as the facilitators to link this group of people to the partner organizations after receiving the First Stage of training from our Volunteers.
We enrich and empower the aptitude of the individual beneficiary to better position them on the practical stage as described above. This is done through a quasi IT training classes by our volunteers.
. Molding Young Leaders for Change (From Upper Primary-) in the field of ICT. There is certainly some leadership drive in every child and young adult which needs to be unearth, refined and re-defined.

The project targets students from the Junior High School and beyond since they have the capacity to learn and understand.