Intern and Volunteer

Become a Health Militia by volunteering with Parallel Integration. Intern or Volunteer here.  Our health project provides a comprehensive and impact oriented activities that gives you the best experience and fulfillment you ever yearned for with varying degree of workload and activities.  It comes in two phases:

Please Note: Also available; Medical Internship for Academic Credit.


Universal Health Placement

This first phase of the project after seminar involves placement of volunteers at various hospitals and clinics at the same time embarking on the public health / medical outreaches activities. Most of the placement will be tailored to the individual needs of the volunteer and would mostly involve facilities in both rural and urban settings to enable every volunteer have a feel of how general health services are rendered in a community based set ups and will allow for advance learning in community medicine in the tropics and to be precise Ghana.

During this period volunteers will assist and be part of the units team and will take part of all activities carried out at the units and departments. Volunteers can choose a special department or agree on a rotational system. You will receive a detailed activity plan for both phases.

Public Health

Medical Outreaches / Public Health and Advocacy

The second phase after some days working at the hospital involves a chain of medical outreaches to be carried out in villages/rural areas, communities, schools, etc. whiles working at the hospital.

Be Motivated to Break Limits

Eligibility Criteria

  • High School Students (Young adults, 13 years and above) who want to venture into medical profession, as well as para-medics
  • Students in the field of Medicine with interest for internships
  • Students doing their Residency
  • Professionals willing to bring their knowledge to bear.

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