Summer Extra is a special health placement and medical outreach program tied with ‘extra-curricular’ community project intervention with weekend trips to various tourist sites within the country. Our strategic plan of action makes it a special package for everyone. PROPOSED TIME FRAME The durations below for this program is flexible, they are subject to changes to suit any group / school / family /friends. MAY: 2 WEEKS (5TH TO 19TH), 4 WEEKS (5TH TO 4TH JUNE) JUNE: 2 WEEKS (5TH TO 19TH JUNE), 4 WEEKS (5TH JUNE TO 5TH JULY) JULY: 2 WEEKS (10TH TO 25TH JULY), 4 WEEKS (10TH JULY TO 10TH AUGUST) AUGUST: 2 WEEKS (3RD TO 18TH AUGUST), 4 WEEKS (3RD AUGUST TO 3RD SEPTEMBER) ELIGIBILITY CRITERIOR: -High School Students (Young adults, 13 years and above) who want to venture into medical profession, -Students in the field of Medicine with interest for internships -Students doing their Residency -Professionals willing to bring their knowledge to bear.